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Vegan à la mode: Vancouver’s Best Pie


Are you a pie person or a cake person?  That is the question.   Personally I lean towards cake. And not cheesecake – New York cheesecake is pie ,  European style cheesecake can be cake but isn’t always but I digress…..  I may not be on the pie side of the aisle but the pie at Aphrodite’s Cafe and Pie Shop? That I will trek all the way the Kitsilano for – even on a rainy day.

Most pies are difficult for those of us who don’t eat dairy or eggs and a la mode is out of the question but at Aphrodite’s it’s not  a problem. Everyday, they have a list of Vegan – friendly pies ( that are also wheat and gluten free) and they have soy and even coconut “ice creams” to scoop on top.  Personally my favourite combo is peach pie with vanilla coconut ice cream,

Today their list of Vegan pies ( that you can also order as full pies to take home):

  • Apple
  • Blackberry Apple
  • Raspberry Rhubarb
  • Strawberry Rhubarb
  • Blueberry
  • Cherry

They have a pie and chai special too that I recommend – $ 10.25 for you vegans.   PS the earlier you get there the better especially on the weekend – you don’t want to miss out on your favourite!

If you want to have lunch or dinner -before the pie or after what ever floats your boat – they have a pretty amazing vegan chili and I have heard great things about their vegan mac and cheese ( unfortunately I haven’t been able to try it because I have a sesame allergy 😦 ).  They also have vegan Sunday brunch options!  Now I have to go there for brunch  – and apparently this –  “vegan, gluten-free Dark Chocolate Almond Torte – rated top Vegan Dessert in the city by Vancouver magazine!”   Why haven’t I tried this ?!?!

I have to plan another visit to Aphrodite’s. Did I mention they are organic. Yup. Organic all the way.
Aphrodite’s is at 3598 W 4th Ave, Vancouver.

http://www.organiccafe.ca/  – they have an online pie order form 🙂

PS While you are in the area U Paint I fire is a very cool place down on 4th (I’ll  tell you about it this week) and  Banyen books is always worth a look.

Guten Appetit!

* photo courtesy of http://aphrodites.foodpages.ca/

Vancouver Vegan High Tea!!! By Request @ La Petite Cuillère


I am always on the lookout for great tea.  I love tea it’s one of my little eccentricities I guess. I usually have at least 15-20 different tea selections around my house at any given time. 

But high tea has always been something that was not on the menu due to my food allergies. Finding a high tea service that doesn’t include dairy or eggs but is still traditional is like finding a weeping willow tree in the desert.

But some times you come across the best things by accident. As I did with La Petite Cuillère  at 55 Kingsway Street, Vancouver.

After my voice lessons one day I was headed for the bus to Main Street station and passed by a sign that announce Vegan cupcakes!  A very exciting find – I popped in and it was the loveliest place: filled with cozy armchairs, and dining tables, and patterned tablecloths and those old English china tea cups painted with roses and violets – just like it would be at your imaginary English Grandmother’s house!

Don’t be fooled – the name is French – but It’s most definitely an English tea house.

That first time I had a lovely cup of  Earl grey cream and a yummy cupcake and noted down my voice exercises for the week.

I ended up popping in quite often and getting to know the owners a little – who have always been so friendly and wonderful and knowledgeable about their teas and have always been interested in feedback about their vegan offerings.

Then when we were trying to think of something fun to do to get a group of my old room-mates together I thought – high tea!  ( I’m not the only tea nerd in the group.)  So I emailed La Petite Cuillère and asked if it was possible to put together a vegan high tea for me. And they said yes!

So the girls and I met for a high tea on a lovely early spring Sunday afternoon and it was wonderful. And the prices are soooooooo good.  High tea in the this town, and in my former haunt of Victoria, BC is scandalously expensive – $40 to 50 dollars is totally normal.  High tea at La Petite Cuillère  is two tiers of yummy treats – “A selection of two miniature sweets, two finger sandwiches, one miniature scone, fruit preserves, and Devonshire cream. Served on authentic English bone china with your choice of tea from our premium loose leaf tea selection. (Available Friday through Sunday)”  for $13.75  or for a larger afternoon tea with even more on three tiers for $24.50.  I got the Afternoon tea option last time I was there but I think in the future I would go for the high tea option – it seems like the best deal, and more than enough food and treats for me.

Of course the vegan high tea and the regular high tea have differences of course but I was very pleased with what I got in comparison with my table-mates.

As for the tea choices I suggest the Earl Gray Cream and the Darling Darjeeling and the Mango Green tea and the Coconut Rooibos Chai.

Go there. It’s a great place. Vegan friendly and everyone friendly – the staff and owners are delightful. Make sure to make reservations for high tea on the weekend as they are usually very busy!!   AND YOU MUST REQUEST A VEGAN OPTION WHEN YOU MAKE RESERVATIONS! You can find them on Facebook and at their website http://www.lapetitecuillere.ca/ and at 55 Kingsway, Vancouver.

*photos courtesy of their website – as my photos all have faces in them.