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5 Minute Chocolate Brownie (Vegan) (Single Serving)

ImageOkay РI have been woefully remiss in updating this blog. (I will update about once a month in the future РI have a vegan cinnamon bun post that is almost ready to publish! ) I have been a very busy bee with school work and learning music and life etc.

And this weekend is no different I have three assignments I’m working on for Tuesday and three final exams following right behind and I have to learn the alto part for the chorus of La Traviata. On the bright side I’ll be done the school part on Thursday ūüôā ¬†Woo! ¬†The downside is I’m stuck at my desk all weekend staring at the gorgeous weather and wishing I could be having outdoor fun.

I desperately needed a little yummy study food and decided to try a recipe I have seen floating around – for a brownie in a mug. ¬†I saw this months ago but thought nah ¬†if I want brownies I’ll make proper brownies – but I’m trying to adjust some habits and I don’t want them in my house.

My decisions on the 5 minute “mug” brownie. ¬†– it’s pretty freaking good brownie!

Here is the recipe I used:

4 tbsp white flour

4 tbsp sugar

2 1/2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa

2 1/2 – 3 tbsp non dairy milk ( I used a coconut milk beverage) or a non-vegan dairy milk

2 tbsp canola oil (a light vegetable oil)

a small pinch of salt

a quick splash of vanilla extract

Add the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, salt, cocoa) to a microwave safe mug or latte mug, or large custard cup  and stir them until combined. Then add the milk, oil and vanilla and stir until combined.

Microwave on high for 2 minutes.  And then leave to cool for a few minutes. It was  incredibly freaking hot!!   Use an oven mitt and blow on it before you take a bite.

The original recipe had a less cocoa and a little less milk – but I like dark chocolate and my desserts a little less sweet then most people. ¬†When I make it again – I think I’ll drizzle some melted chocolate on it. Peanut butter and honey might also work well on it.

Also – though I have seen this and mentioned it being “single serving” there is quite a bit of brownie – so you can share it. I did ūüôā


Weekly Cooking Day and Blog Recipe Preview!


Update – it has been a busy week so I’ll post a couple of the recipes today and then throughout the next few weeks – also coming soon: vegan caramels!

So here, in my life and home, cooking delicious healthy meals from scratch every single day just isn’t feasible. It isn’t feasible in most of yours either, I presume. What I can do and I love to do is to spend part of one day a week cooking yummy things to eat all week long. ¬†I store everything in the fridge in giant containers and pull it out and warm it up. So easy. And I get to sit , maybe watch a movie (today Outsiders: The Complete Novel), get a few things organized, do some tai chi, read internet gossip and prep a few blog posts while I do the cooking.

On the menu for this week’s lunches and dinners:

  • grains: ¬†brown basmati rice with garam masala spice, whole-wheat rotini pasta, seet potato dumplings
  • fish and poultry : roast duck, fajita-spiced chicken breasts, steamed tilapia loins
  • one bowl meal: ¬†3 bean chili with rice
  • sauces and soups:¬† basic¬†tomato marinara and butternut squash soup, ¬†sweet potato soup and guacamole.
  • spice mixes –¬†Italian, garam masala, fajita, and cajun

(Some are pictured above. Every recipe with the exception of the proteins section will be vegan friendly!!)

This kind of mass-cooking may sound daunting but it really isn’t. These are simple recipes that can be adjusted to use you what you have on hand. Personally, I don’t go out and do a giant grocery shop each time. I just use what I have on hand and get a little creative. But I have been cooking for my family and household for over 15 years now so I look in my fridge and see recipes; I am told this might not be the norm for everyone else. ¬†If it isn’t the norm for you and you want to cook at home and have it taste as good as restaurant food but be much cheaper (and without any mystery ingredients) then keep an eye on the blog, do a little grocery list – I will post¬†you will need sections right up front- ¬†and get what you need. ( If requested I can do a post on stocking a pantry/fridge/freezer to make this sort of cooking as simple as possible.) ¬†I’m sure some of you¬†already have basic cooking skills and then it’s just a matter of sizing up the portions you make. ¬†If you are a beginner cook then hopefully, this will be a good place to learn. I will do my best to be simple in the instructions and provide as many pictures as possible.

I will be posting the recipes in bold above on the blog this weekend and this coming week; Including recipes for the spice mixes I use to make my life in the kitchen even easier!

Oh and one last added benefit to this weekly cooking: fewer dishes to wash during the week! Squee!

Guten Appetit!!