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5 Minute Chocolate Brownie (Vegan) (Single Serving)

ImageOkay РI have been woefully remiss in updating this blog. (I will update about once a month in the future РI have a vegan cinnamon bun post that is almost ready to publish! ) I have been a very busy bee with school work and learning music and life etc.

And this weekend is no different I have three assignments I’m working on for Tuesday and three final exams following right behind and I have to learn the alto part for the chorus of La Traviata. On the bright side I’ll be done the school part on Thursday ūüôā ¬†Woo! ¬†The downside is I’m stuck at my desk all weekend staring at the gorgeous weather and wishing I could be having outdoor fun.

I desperately needed a little yummy study food and decided to try a recipe I have seen floating around – for a brownie in a mug. ¬†I saw this months ago but thought nah ¬†if I want brownies I’ll make proper brownies – but I’m trying to adjust some habits and I don’t want them in my house.

My decisions on the 5 minute “mug” brownie. ¬†– it’s pretty freaking good brownie!

Here is the recipe I used:

4 tbsp white flour

4 tbsp sugar

2 1/2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa

2 1/2 – 3 tbsp non dairy milk ( I used a coconut milk beverage) or a non-vegan dairy milk

2 tbsp canola oil (a light vegetable oil)

a small pinch of salt

a quick splash of vanilla extract

Add the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, salt, cocoa) to a microwave safe mug or latte mug, or large custard cup  and stir them until combined. Then add the milk, oil and vanilla and stir until combined.

Microwave on high for 2 minutes.  And then leave to cool for a few minutes. It was  incredibly freaking hot!!   Use an oven mitt and blow on it before you take a bite.

The original recipe had a less cocoa and a little less milk – but I like dark chocolate and my desserts a little less sweet then most people. ¬†When I make it again – I think I’ll drizzle some melted chocolate on it. Peanut butter and honey might also work well on it.

Also – though I have seen this and mentioned it being “single serving” there is quite a bit of brownie – so you can share it. I did ūüôā


Food Porn: Mango and Chocolate Sorbetto

mmm 004

When asked what five things I would take to a desert island two of my choices would be a lifetime supply each of cookies and ice cream.  As a gal with food allergies and sensitivities,  I would have to pay a physical price for eating regular dairy-based ice cream Рbut there are many alternatives.  Hands down the best thing I have found is a sorbetto heaven in Vancouver РBella Gelateria.  They are wonderful for always having a long a list of sorbetto,  non Рdairy gelato, At least four flavours per day in the winter and 7 or more in the spring and summer prepared fresh every day by an award-winning, master gelato maker РJames Coleridge. (He may even be there to serve it to you with a big smile )

Today, I had a two flavour cone of chocolate sorbetto – which has a saturated, creamy, bitter-sweet dark chocolate taste, is thick and creamy in texture. The mango mango mango flavour is amazing – it is the one sorbetto that I will order every time it is on the list when I come in. It is sooooo rich and creamy and smooth and so full of ripe delicious mango! The combination of the two is incredibly lush and heavenly. mmmmmmmmm!

The lemon, and Faloudeh sorbettos are also great choices – and if you ever see the blood orange or gewurztraminer sorbetto try them!

James Coleridge ¬†created Bella Gelateria as “first gelateria in North America to make gelato using a process and equipment found in the best gelateria‚Äôs of Italy” after training in¬†Bologna‚Äôs Gelato University. And he has won 2 major awards at the¬†2012¬†Florence Italy Gelato Festival – Winner People’s Choice Award and¬†¬†Winner Technical Jury – ¬†an unprecedented achievement for a non-Italian entrant (as well as many other accolades).

It is one of those places that I take friends and family from out of town – if you are taking a trip to Vancouver it is a not to be missed local experience. They support BC fruit growers, local suppliers and the slow food movement ¬†ūüôā ¬† They are also open till 10 or 11pm everyday – a rarity in Vancouver.

If you have sensitivities or allergies -The website http://www.bellagelateria.com/  has a page listing the ingredients  so that you can see what is in the gelato or sorbetto: Sorbetto-  Fresh seasonal fruit, Canadian Spring water, White cane sugar, Carob flour.

If you want to check out some of their other flavours ¬†they list many of them on their website and update twitter and facebook with new offerings. ¬†And they will let you have a taste before buying a whole cone. ūüôā Here is picture of today’s offerings:

mmm 008

mmm 010

They are located at Burrard and Cordova in Vancouver. If you are ever in town go there!

Dark Chocolate Pasta with White Chocolate Sauce (Vegan-friendly)


This was my dessert tonight. Mmmm, weekly dessert deliciousness……. There is powdered sugar and a little cinnamon and chocolate sprinkles on there too. And, yes, it’s vegan.

I know there are those of you who at first glance will not find this appealing but it is so freaking good. You should try it.  It is sweet and rich and fun to eat too!

The pasta was bought in Seattle but I think you could find something similar in ( insert your large city here). Or if you know how to make pasta there are many recipes out there -PS ¬†we need to become good friends ūüôā . ¬†The vegan white chocolate is actually a German product – labelled Weisse Schakalode (strange spelling) – that comes in buttons for easy melting. I found it at one of my favourite stores in the Vancouver area – Karmavore in New¬†Westminster¬† They also have the most amazing vegan peanut butter cups, macaroons and SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM! So if you, like me, like dessert but can’t do dairy and eggs then try them – and Edible Flours on West Broadway!

But I digress, the sauce is melted (vegan) white chocolate with a touch of almond milk. I think it would be amazing with a dollop of ice cream (Coconut based for me!). This could also be done non-vegan, with milk chocolate etc.

For those of you who can only cook pasta: This is a dessert to impress your friends. Or just yourself.

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