Dark Chocolate Pasta with White Chocolate Sauce (Vegan-friendly)


This was my dessert tonight. Mmmm, weekly dessert deliciousness……. There is powdered sugar and a little cinnamon and chocolate sprinkles on there too. And, yes, it’s vegan.

I know there are those of you who at first glance will not find this appealing but it is so freaking good. You should try it.  It is sweet and rich and fun to eat too!

The pasta was bought in Seattle but I think you could find something similar in ( insert your large city here). Or if you know how to make pasta there are many recipes out there -PS  we need to become good friends 🙂 .  The vegan white chocolate is actually a German product – labelled Weisse Schakalode (strange spelling) – that comes in buttons for easy melting. I found it at one of my favourite stores in the Vancouver area – Karmavore in New Westminster  They also have the most amazing vegan peanut butter cups, macaroons and SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM! So if you, like me, like dessert but can’t do dairy and eggs then try them – and Edible Flours on West Broadway!

But I digress, the sauce is melted (vegan) white chocolate with a touch of almond milk. I think it would be amazing with a dollop of ice cream (Coconut based for me!). This could also be done non-vegan, with milk chocolate etc.

For those of you who can only cook pasta: This is a dessert to impress your friends. Or just yourself.

Photo 21.05.13 19 33 45


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